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Health Book

Health Book or Publications to Help You Stay Fit, Stay Young, and Stay Healthy

There are so many health books filling the shelves of bookstores that you may find it impossible to determine which ones are both useful and credible. You’ve scanned the latest diet and exercise books...
Green herbs

The 13 Natural Herbs You Need in Your Medicine Chest

People have been using natural herbs medicinally for thousands of years. While we’re not sure how far the practice goes back, it’s not uncommon for many creatures to seek out healing plants. Our instincts...
a woman meditating and holding a glowing ball

How To Ease Your Mind And Body With Self-Healing

We are more tuned in to technology than ever before. Sometimes it feels like we've lost touch with ourselves as a result. But a new trend of meditative, yoga, and therapy apps have brought...
meditation - mind body spirit healing

Mind Body Spirit Connection: A Holistic Approach to Healing

Life disrupts our mind body spirit connection. We become so bogged down with work and family obligations that we forget to take care of ourselves.
sea salt bath

Sea Salt Bath: The Science Behind It and How It Works

Taking a sea salt bath is all the rage in the holistic community. But is there any kind of solid scientific evidence to back up the supposed benefits?

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