You look at your calendar and see that you have another appointment with your doctor. They want to check on how your new treatment is going. You're frustrated. You don't want to go to yet another appointment and leave without answers. So you look online for natural therapy.

You can use natural therapy to take control of your health, make small changes and afford it? That sounds amazing, but there must be a catch. You think to yourself; there's no way this works. You get ready for your appointment, but you can't stop thinking about a more natural approach to your health.

Your appointment goes well, and your doctor is open to you using one or more natural therapies along with your current treatment plan. Now, you have to decide which natural therapies to use.

What Is Natural Therapy?

Natural therapy is a therapy that works to change the human body or the mind-body connection. The mind-body connection is the connection of our psychological state to our physical state. Stress and emotions can take a toll on your body. Natural therapies work to improve physical and psychophysical conditions.

Natural therapy isn't intended to replace traditional medicine, but it can help when other treatments aren't giving you the results you want. You should consult your doctor before you try anything extreme, especially if you have severe health conditions.

Natural health

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To understand natural therapy, you should have a basic knowledge of natural health. Natural health combines your diet, physical health, stress, and physician choice to improve your overall health. Taking a natural approach to your health means swapping unhealthy habits for healthier ones. Instead of taking to caffeine for energy, advocates for natural health prefer to recharge with sleep.

You can use natural health methods independently of traditional medicine, but the two can also work together. Integrate natural health with traditional medicine by using one or more natural therapies. Massage, acupressure, detoxing and health supplements are all forms of natural therapy.

Natural health is a great way to improve your physical health and your wellbeing. Start with a few simple changes such as eating natural foods or using one form of natural therapy. Those small changes will add up over time.

Therapy we can sense

At its core, natural therapy is therapy we can sense either by sight, smell, sound, taste, or touch. Massage and acupressure work in this way.

Some natural therapies aim to add or reduce certain habits in your life. A diet full of natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, is one method of natural therapy. Processed foods aren't good for your health. They're high in refined sugars, sodium, and are addictive. They're low in the nutrients we really need.

Aromatherapy uses scents and essential oils to promote healing. You can practice aromatherapy with a diffuser, by inhaling the oil directly, or by rubbing the oil on your skin. Essential oils can help you overcome certain health conditions in a more natural way than medication.

Treat the human body

Head Acupressure

The goal of natural therapies is to treat the human body more naturally. Aromatherapy, massages, acupressure, and diet changes, can all bring positive changes to your health. You can use various natural therapies and herbs in place of or along with traditional medicine to treat health conditions.

Mind-body connection


The mind-body connection is the theory that our mental state plays a role in our physical state. Our emotions can trigger chemicals in the body that can lead to a variety of health problems. Paying attention to your mental state can prevent illness and speed up recovery times.

Is There a Need for Natural Therapy?

Traditional medicine is a popular method for treating health conditions, but natural therapy takes a more wholesome approach. Natural therapies treat the whole person, and they can also prevent health problems. Traditional methods don't always prevent diseases.

Alternative to traditional medicine

If you aren't successful using traditional medicine, you should try natural therapy. The natural approach to health is a welcome change from tons of chemicals and ingredients. Natural therapy treats the whole person, and it aims to prevent health conditions.

When treating current conditions, natural therapy gets to the root of the problem. If you have chronic pain, natural therapy will treat the underlying cause of the pain rather than the pain itself.

Natural therapy is also more affordable than traditional medicine because you can use home remedies as part of your treatment. These natural treatments also have fewer negative side effects than traditional medicines.

Cost of natural therapy

Different forms of natural therapy each have their own cost, but they're usually cheaper than traditional medicine. The price of aromatherapy varies widely on the specific essential oil you want to use, and oils cost $3 to over $200.

Massage therapy costs around $60 to $80 an hour on average. If you're also working with a traditional doctor, check with your health insurance to see if they cover massage therapy. Then you can ask your traditional doctor for a referral.

Natural foods cost more than their processed counterparts, but you can save money by being strategic about when and where you shop. If you also start to cut out other unhealthy habits such as coffee or soda, the money saved can go towards purchasing more wholesome foods.

At home treatments

Massage stone place on the back of a person

One of the great things about natural therapy is that you can do a lot of these things at home. Start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can buy diffusers and other personal aromatherapy products.

You don't need a prescription to start natural therapy. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before you make any huge changes.

Control your health and wellness

If you've tried different medications and traditional treatments and they failed, you probably feel hopeless. You might even feel dependent on your doctor. Your health doesn't have to depend on someone else. Since you can start a lot of natural therapies on your own, you can control what you do and when.

You can shop for natural foods. You can buy your own aromatherapy diffuser. Take a proactive role in a more natural approach to your health.


Before you jump into the world of natural therapies, there are a few things you should know and prepare for.

Consult your doctor

Doctor holding stethoscope

You should always consult your doctor or health provider when making huge changes to your diet or life. Natural therapies and supplements can be great ways to treat various ailments, but you should do so in an informed way. Always make sure the therapies you want to use are safe and won't interact with other treatments you already use.

Understand what you are doing

Don't take a supplement just to take a supplement. Be smart about what natural therapies you use, so that you can truly optimize your health. Create a plan for how you will use natural therapy in your daily life.

Results aren't always immediate

While it would be amazing to feel better after just one use, that doesn't always happen. Natural products are just that, natural. Some might take time before you see results. A healthy diet is great, but one serving of vegetables won't cure all of your health problems. Don't give up when you don't see changes on the first try.

Getting Started with Natural Therapy

If you want to take your health into your own hands or to save money on otherwise costly medications and doctors visits, you should try natural therapy. There are many ways to apply natural therapies to your daily life. You can start small with one change, and then you can make other small changes later on.

Lifestyle changes

You can make simple lifestyle changes that fit the bill for natural therapies. One simple change is eating a healthier diet. Instead of filling up on processed foods, start by adding fruits and vegetables into one or more of your meals.

If you have any other unhealthy habits such as smoking or excessive drinking, you can work on quitting that habit as well. While it isn't easy to stop smoking or drinking, those things are known to cause health problems and quitting could reverse those health problems.

Natural foods

Person chopping vegetable leaves

If you want to eat a healthier diet, include some natural foods in your meal plans. Natural foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and any other unprocessed food. Look for foods least touched by hand or machine from their original state. For example, freshly picked then frozen veggies are fine -- natural -- they retain their nutrients. Chicken nuggets, on the other hand, go through a huge process before arriving at the store. A diet rich in natural foods is better for your body because they contain more nutrients than processed foods.

Nutritional supplements

Natural Supplement

While nutritional supplements can't replace the nutrients found in natural foods, they can help you get all of the necessary nutrients. Before you start taking supplements, consult a doctor or other health professional. Some supplements do have negative side effects, but when used properly, natural supplements can improve your health. Plus, if you're taking conventional medications, adding supplements can have adverse reactions. On top of that, supplements can react poorly to other supplements. Doing your research and talking to a professional is essential.


Women doing exercise

We all know that we should exercise, but why exactly? Exercise can boost your mood and energy levels, and it can also control your weight and risk of certain health conditions. Regular exercise can also help you sleep better, and you can make it social by exercising with friends. You don't have to become a gym rat to enjoy some of the natural benefits of exercise.

Sure, you could go to a gym and throw some weights around, run on a treadmill, or take a yoga class, but you could also do something as simple as taking a walk outside. What's more natural than being in nature? The point is to move your body in whatever way makes sense to you.

Stress management

Woman doing yoga meditation

As mentioned earlier, our mental state can have a huge impact on our physical health. Reducing your stress levels can boost your immune system and your mood. Stress affects the chemical makeup of your brain, and modifications to that makeup can cause other changes in your body. Keeping your stress levels low is another natural way to take care of yourself.

You could practice deep breathing exercises or meditation. No, you don't have to sit Indian-style on the ground, palms up, saying om -- although you could. Meditate however you want. There are even apps to guide you through. Deep breathing and meditation are shown to reduce stress levels.

Take Your Life Back

Your life is precious, and that's more than likely why you want to try natural therapy. Taking care of yourself in a natural way can be life-changing.

If you do start to use one or more natural therapies, make sure you do so the right way. Consult your doctor or another health professional before you do anything drastic. Understand that change isn't going to happen right away. Choose the right therapies for you, and have a plan for how you will use those therapies in your daily life.

You can control your own health, and natural therapy is just one way you can do that. Use this guide well, and start your path toward a healthier, more natural life.


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