Life disrupts our mind body spirit connection. We become so bogged down with work, family, and social obligations that we forget to take care of ourselves. To top it off, we lose sight of the things that bring us joy.

If we don't take time to feed our spirit, stress can build in our body, sometimes manifesting in physical problems, other times as mental health struggles. The key to healing the mind body spirit connection is to first, acknowledge that they are working in unison. Then, create rituals and routines that will nourish each aspect of our being.

Mind Body Spirit Awareness

Our words are powerful. How we use them to speak to others in school, at work, and in our personal relationships, tells people who we are inside. Others may judge us based on the things that they hear come out of our mouths.

Similarly, how we use our vocabulary about ourselves colors how we see the world. If we consistently describe our lives in negative terms, we begin to view our existence through a lens of negativity. This negativity is like cancer to the mind body spirit connection. It tears us down, makes us both physically and mentally unhealthy, and pushes people away.

Practice an attitude of gratitude

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A study conducted in 2009 by the University of Manchester's School of Psychology found that there is a correlation between gratitude, sleep, and neuroticism regarding character adaptation. The case subjects implemented a practice of gratitude before going to sleep, each taking note of the good things that happened that day. The group found that focusing on the good rather than the bad things in life not only improved their sleep, but they also felt more stable and happier in their waking hours. In other words, they didn't worry as much.

Try this technique out for yourself; approach your world with an "Attitude of Gratitude." We all have someone, someplace, or something that makes us feel good, despite the challenges and heartaches we experience in our lives. Start a journal, and for 30 days write down at least one thing that you're grateful for before you go to sleep at night. Thinking about the good stuff helps to reframe negative thought patterns that you may not even realize are present. At the end of the month, reflect on what it is that brings joy to your life.


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The words we take in each day profoundly affect our mood. We live in a world in which we face a constant onslaught of information. Make a conscious choice to nourish your mind daily with something other than what pops up in your social media feed. We aren't saying you should quit social media, only that it is essential to take breaks. Studies show that the constant influx of information can cause depression, anxiety, and has the potential to become addictive. Use this knowledge and pay attention to screen time.

An excellent way to strengthen the mind body spirit connection through reading is to choose books on the subject. There are hundreds. Alternatively, good fiction can take you away to another place, enabling you to release stress and forget about life for a while. A riveting memoir will help you to realize that you're not alone in your struggles.

Dance it out

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Dance provides a fun way to exercise and can be social. What's not to love? If you're embarrassed to dance in public, you can still reap most of the benefits if you let it all hang loose in the privacy of your own home. Dancing releases endorphins that elevate your mood. It improves balance and increases circulation. So when you feel down, crank up the tunes and dance it out. You will occupy your mind, your body will get moving, and your spirit will be happy.


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Visiting a different area of the country, or traveling abroad will enable you to see things from another perspective. Additionally, travel relieves stress and depression. And, you will undoubtedly meet a few kindred spirits along the way.

You can even book your vacation with mind body spirit healing as your primary goal. Today there are hundreds, if not thousands of retreats available for everything from wildlife and adventure to yoga vacations. To reap all of the benefits of a mind body spirit vacation, turn off the phone, disconnect from the computer and experience life in the present moment.

Physical Health


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In general, when we think about health, we are talking about physical health. But from a holistic perspective, our physical health is only part of what keeps us whole and happy. Everything we consume through our mind, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth effects us physically in the long run.



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Our diet is a primary factor in overall health. We know that maintaining a healthy diet is good for our heart, brain, and circulation. Did you know that consuming a lot of saturated fat and sugar can increase depression? Eating fast food obviously isn't healthy because of the weight gain, but it also affects your mood!

Conversely, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains will help lift your mood and give you more energy. Not to mention the tactile experience of preparing a meal has its own satisfaction. Certain foods like spinach, kale, and broccoli provide vitamin K, lutein, folate, and beta-carotene, which is good for a healthy brain. The omega three fatty acids in fish lower blood pressure. A study conducted in 2012 by Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital found at least two servings of strawberries or blueberries each week help to improve memory.

The lesson here? For optimal mind body spirit health, drop the fast foods and eat your fruits and veggies.



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Our bodies need a certain amount of sodium contained in salt to keep us healthy. Sodium is responsible for maintaining proper fluid balance as well as the transmission of nerve impulses and our muscle's ability to contract and relax.

Salt healing has been used in esoteric practices for thousands of years to cleanse the aura of negative energy. It's believed that we can absorb negativity just by interacting with others who are feeling depressed or angry. Over time, this dark energy builds up and traps us. A ritual bath not only cleans away the physical dirt, but it also cleanses the metaphorical grime of negativity.

However, if you don't believe in that sort of thing, a suitable salt soak, such as Epsom salts, will draw out toxins from your body, relieve stress, and increase circulation.

Alcohol and other substances


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If you have substance abuse issues, you have an underlying problem that you need to address. Please seek help if you're struggling with substance abuse because this is the number one factor that will keep you in a place that hurts your mind body spirit connection.

Addiction is a vicious cycle of depression and self-loathing which you can combat with treatment and holistic therapy. A program that encompasses all of the aspects of addiction will strengthen the mind body spirit connection and promote healing from the inside out.

Unlike many of the drugs associated with substance abuse, the use of alcohol is a widely accepted form of socializing. Unfortunately, for some of us, that is a real problem because it makes it much harder to let it go. While studies prove that a glass of red wine has health benefits, we also know that alcohol is a depressant. It's important to weigh the benefits versus the side effects of this potentially dangerous substance in your life.



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Many things can make us feel isolated, from working too much to habits that trigger depression. Becoming a volunteer is a fantastic way to ditch the perception of loneliness. In addition to the good feeling that comes from helping others, volunteering connects us to our community, relieves stress, exercises our body, and builds our self-esteem. What better way to heal the mind body spirit connection than by helping others in need?

Mind Body Spirit Connection

How we see the world is an accurate reflection of our body mind spirit connection. When we feel isolated from others, for whatever reason, it's a sign that we need holistic healing.

Holistic medicine


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Holistic medicine is used to treat a variety of issues by providing a comprehensive approach that works to restore the mind body spirit connection.

Western medicine typically treats the mind with psychology, the body with medical procedures, and we are left with our spirit to deal with on our own. Some people choose a religion to satisfy their spiritual needs. Others merely implement spiritual practices.

Believe in something

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Whether it's Buddha, God, or Mother Nature, believing in something bigger than ourselves can add meaning and purpose to our lives. Spirituality leads to a sense of well-being and connects us to others. We feel more compassion overall, which ultimately enhances our existence.


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We are connected to nature because we are part of the earth. Getting outside provides a wealth of nourishment for all of our senses. In addition to elevating your mood with a boost of vitamin D, communing with nature will teach you to be present. Hearing the birds chirp, feeling the wind in your face, smelling the sweet fragrance of wildflowers, results in a stronger mind body spirit connection.

Essential oils

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Essential oils bring the benefits of the great outdoors, inside. Aromatherapy is powerful medicine and is used by Reiki practitioners, as well as in acupuncture, and reflexology. Breathing in these natural scents activates the body's limbic system. This vital area of our brain is responsible for emotions, hormone production, and our urge to eat and drink.

Jasmine helps to relieve anxiety and ease stress, while lavender can aid with relaxation. Peppermint naturally reduces nausea and rosemary can do everything from increasing circulation to helping you focus for that test you have to take tomorrow. Do not underestimate the power of essential oils. They are highly concentrated extracts that require dilution before use.


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Any exercise routine requires self-discipline, which in turn strengthens the mind body spirit connection. Some practices, such as yoga, focus on wholeness and therefore work well when you are exercising specifically for holistic healing.

Do You Yoga offers a 30-day online challenge for free, so there's no excuse not to give yoga a try. The 10 to 20 minute work out will help you to regain balance both physically and mentally, and will provide you with a new routine that will promote happiness and well-being in your everyday life. Why not give it a try?

Tai Chi

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Like yoga, tai chi is an ancient practice that can strengthen the mind body spirit connection. These practices aid us in becoming aware of our chi, or life force. The movements mimic nature. For example, snake creeps down is a traditional Yang-style tai chi posture that focuses on power and fluidity in movement. Using these spiritual exercise practices provides strong support for mind body spirit healing.

Guided meditation


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Visualization and guided meditation are an essential piece to add to our daily ritual as we seek to heal our mind body spirit connection. Deepak Chopra and other holistic practitioners offer a variety of guided meditations to help us relieve stress, beat insomnia, build our self-confidence, and over-all reestablish our vital connections.

Becoming Whole Again

We can promote mind body spirit healing by first, understanding that we are more than a physical body. Daily rituals provide a sense of well-being. So, open your eyes to the good in your life. Practice gratitude. Be aware of what you feed your mind and body because your spirit will act accordingly. Above all, share your joy with others for a healthy mind body spirit connection.