While it has been around for centuries, the popularity of herbal medicine is still increasing. There are many reasons why people are using herbal medicine. People who were part of a study conducted in Germany, report that they use herbal medicine to treat illnesses, while others say that they use it to promote health or prevent diseases. Who wouldn't want to grow their own cures in their backyard, patio, or yard?

People who use herbal medicine are those who are not satisfied with conventional treatments, or maybe they're just looking for a little more control over their health. Whether you've tried herbal medicine in the past and got good results, or you want to see if herbal medicine will do them good, you've come to the right place. We've scrounged up six herbs to try. You might not even know they're considered medicines.

Why You Should Use Herbal Medicine


Conventional treatments can be expensive, and for some, they might not have access to drugs and medications they need. Herbal medicine solves these problems. These plants grow in your backyard, you can get them locally, and they are inexpensive.

If you are one of those people who doesn't trust synthetic medicines, then herbal treatments might help ease your doubts. While there are very few people who use plants to combat serious illnesses, some patients turn to herbal medicine when conventional medications fail. For instance, patients with severe cancer often try herbal medicine to see if these will work when chemotherapy doesn't.

There are also times when herbal medicine proves to be safer than over-the-counter medications. For example, meadowsweet has salicylic acid that is used to manufacture aspirin. If isolated from the plant, the salicylic acid can erode your stomach's lining and cause bleeding. However, if you do not separate the salicylic acid, you can get other compounds found in meadowsweet that can help protect your stomach's lining.

In short, herbal medicine provides an accessible and affordable alternative for people who are sick. It also helps in managing the symptoms of certain conditions. It might also be safer than pharmaceuticals that use synthetic chemicals.

General Precautions When Using Herbal Medicines

herbal medicine

What are the things to remember if you are going to use herbal medicines? First, most people mistakenly believe that herbal medicine is safe just because these come from natural sources. But this is a misconception.

Like pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies can contain an active ingredient that directly affects your body. To be safe, you should consult with your doctor if you want to use medicinal plants. You will need to tell the doctor what herbal medicines you are currently taking, any allergic reactions, or if you are pregnant.

Moreover, you should remember that herbal medicines might affect other medications that you are using. It can improve or lessen the effectiveness of prescription drugs or supplements. Along with a doctor's guidance, you should also do some research to know the uses, benefits, safety, and quality of these plants.

Further, remember that most of the research we have now are not yet conclusive. These studies are preliminary and more are needed to prove how effective and safe herbal medicine is. With that, do remember that the information provided here is mostly informational and does not constitute medical advice or expert recommendations. If you are looking into using some herbal medicine, please consult your doctor.

The Best Herbal Medicines: How We Chose

To come up with this list of the best herbal medicines you should try, we checked several articles from credible sources detailing the effects of some herbal medicines, such as this one from Time Magazine. We also verified the therapeutic claims by searching for scientific studies on each plant using expert and peer-reviewed sources.

The 6 Best Herbal Medicines You Should Try: The Candidates

What is the best herbal medicine that you should try? There are a lot of therapeutic plants to choose from, but we have narrowed it down to the best of the best.

Organic Bio Herbs-Organic Dried Marigold Flowers (Calendula...
  • Organic Dried Marigold Flowers (calendula officinalis)
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Also known as calendula, marigold is a sought-after treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Pot marigold helps people avoid dermatitis. It even helps clear up the skin condition. It may also help you manage or treat acne. Marigold can also help your wounds heal faster.

Moreover, marigold fights venous ulcers and even shows promise in calming muscle spasms. If you suffer from hyperacidity, you can use calendula rather than pop an antacid.

Further, it can also help reduce earaches in kids suffering from otitis media. It can even treat diaper rash.

Marigold reportedly has anti-viral attributes that can ward off viral infections as well. It may also have inhibiting effects on tumor cells seen in some types of cancer because calendula contains triterpenoids. These chemicals have also shown promise in inhibiting the HIV virus.

Marigold petals are edible, and you can use them in salads. You can also find calendula oil. Just be sure that you are not allergic to it before you use it.

Seed Needs, Cilantro Culinary Herb (Coriandrum sativum) Twin Pack of...
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  • The plants themselves will grow to a mature height of roughly 24 to 30 inches tall and about 12 inches wide.

Cilantro, or coriander, is an herb that belongs to the Apiaceae family and is related to parsley, celery, and carrots. The good news is that all the parts of cilantro are edible. You can cook with it and dry the seeds.

Cilantro delivers more carotenoids such as beta-cryptoxanthin and beta-carotene. It also contains zeaxanthin and lutein.

These compounds are known antioxidants. Further, cilantro also protects your skin from sun damage. The herb also has potential in treating inflammation and pain.

Some studies say that cilantro is useful in fighting lead toxification. The herb is one of the ingredients of detoxification drinks and juices because of its anti-microbial properties. Aside from buying these juices, you can use fresh and dried cilantro to season or garnish your food. You can also find cilantro essential oils.

However, there are risks in using coriander. For instance, an FDA study has shown that most of the cilantro you can buy in the United States come from other countries. The FDA found that around 15 percent of imported coriander have salmonella. On top of that, there are side effects as well. Cilantro might cause skin irritation, skin allergy, inflammation, and photosensitivity.

No products found.

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Lemon balm is an herb that has a lemony scent. Lemon balm helps you relax and can cause mild sedation. It helps reduce excitability, stress, and anxiety. On top of these, lemon balm might also help with headaches. The herb has several compounds that have medical uses including monoterpene glycosides and flavonoids, among others.

When it comes to cognitive tasks, lemon balm can surely help.

A study has shown that lemon balm enables you to do better when you need to concentrate, do some math, or memorize something. The herb is also a promising treatment for sleep disorders and cold sores. Further, lemon balm affects the digestive system as well. A 2010 study has shown that lemon balm might help treat dyspepsia. Meanwhile, several studies have shown that it might be useful for nausea as well.

There are no well-documented side effects for lemon balm. However, you might experience painful urination, vomiting, nausea, headache, dizziness, stomach pain, wheezing, allergies, and skin irritation when you use this herb. It is advisable to use this after eating because of its effects on your digestive system.

You should also make sure that you take a week off after three weeks of continuously using lemon balm. It also reacts with pharmaceuticals such as sedatives, barbiturates, and medications for thyroid and glaucoma, so ask your doctor for a go-ahead before you use it. You can drink lemon balm tea or buy the oil. It is also available in powdered or cream form.

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Peppermint Spirits Liquid Extract...
  • Supports healthy function of the digestive system.
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Did you know that peppermint essential oils are one of the most commonly used today? That is because the list of health benefits from peppermint is rather long. This aromatic plant certainly has a lot of uses!

Peppermint can help with digestive problems. People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome use this aromatic plant to provide relief for its various symptoms, including diarrhea, spasms, and pain.

People suffering from tension headaches and non-ulcer dyspepsia will also find comfort in peppermint oil.

Further, peppermint can help alleviate nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy. It can also help your wounds heal faster. Some studies demonstrate how useful peppermint is against bloating, lipid peroxidation, obesity, cancer, diabetic activity, and headaches.

However, be careful of some adverse effects when using peppermint products. Some of these side effects include an intense burning sensation, blurred vision, vomiting, heartburn, and nausea. There are also people who are allergic to peppermint. Further, do not use peppermint on young children, or those with diabetes, hiatus hernia, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Aside from applying peppermint oil on your skin or orally. You can also buy a peppermint dietary supplement. There are also people who use peppermint mixed with water for their enema.

Rosemary Leaves 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)
  • 100 Capsules
  • Serving Size: 2
  • 50 Servings Per Container

Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean, but you can find it around the world because of its use in cooking, commerce, and medicine. This herb has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Rosemary is rich in carnosic acid, carnosol, and caffeoyl.

Rosemary is also a traditional remedy for indigestion and can help sharpen your memory and improve concentration.

This herb also offers neurological protection, which means that it is useful for people who have suffered a stroke, or those who are recovering from brain damage. It also shows potential in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

There are also several studies that point to the anticancer benefits of rosemary, including the slowdown of the breast carcinoma and leukemia cells. Rosemary can also promote healthier eyes. Further, studies have shown that rosemary kills bacteria, helps you manage diabetes, and prevents liver damage. It can also block your senses from feeling pain.


Rosemary is generally considered safe to use in whatever form. However, there are rare times when consuming large quantities of rosemary can lead to vomiting, spasms, and pulmonary edema. Some go into a coma after ingesting too much rosemary. This herb can also interfere with certain medications, such as ACE inhibitors, blood thinners, lithium, and diuretics.

Starwest Botanicals Organic Dried Lavender Flowers Extra Grade, 1...
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Grown in the United States and Europe, lavender is known for boosting appetite and uplifting mood. Lavender can make the antidepressant drug, imipramine, more effective in fighting the blues. It also helps relieve anxiety.

Lavender is also good for those who suffer from lack of sleep. According to Time Magazine, research shows that subjects who sniffed a lavender-scented patch right before going to sleep often report better sleep and more energy when they wake up. Lavender also improves the quality of your sleep.

When taken as a tea, lavender helps in decreasing abnormal hair growth. Meanwhile, lavender has also shown promise in fighting hair loss when used in aromatherapy or when massaged onto your scalp. Lavender is also useful in treating menstrual cramps and has shown promise in alleviating pain and stress.

Further, lavender contains a monoterpene called perillyl alcohol that is excellent in fighting tumor growth in certain types of cancer. It can also help you feel better and improve your well being. Lavender is a common herb used in aromatherapy. You can also use lavender essential oil or tea. You can apply lavender oil topically, or dilute it in water.

Safety precautions when using lavender

Do not ingest lavender orally because it may be poisonous. Some unwanted effects of lavender include joint pain, stomach upset, and headache.

Comparison Table

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The Final Word on the Best Herbal Medicines You Should Try

What is the best herbal medicine for you? It depends on what you need. Marigold is useful for a wide range of skin problems or digestive tract issues. It can even fight cancer. Meanwhile, cilantro is good for relieving pain and inflammation, while also detoxifying your liver and plying your body with antioxidants. Then you also have lemon balm, that helps lift your mood and cognition.

If you are looking for the best herbal medicine that can address a wide variety of conditions, then you can either choose peppermint, lavender, or rosemary. Each one of these has their own set of medical advantages. Plus, these are relatively safe to use.

From anxiety to menstrual cramps, no matter what ails you, there is a herbal medicine for that. Herbal medicine is readily available in your backyard or your kitchen. You do not have to spend too much on it and you can grow it yourself.

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