The practice of healing meditation has been around for thousands of years. There is much to be learned from any meditative processes, but using this practice as part of healing is unique unto itself. The premise is that healing begins within ourselves. But what does that really mean? Why should you put this practice to work for you? Most importantly, what will you get out of it when you do?

Anyone can benefit with practice. You don't have to be an expert, and you can perform healing meditation at home. Read on to learn more about the benefits of meditation and how it can help you in the healing process.

What Is Healing Meditation?

This ancient practice is about tapping into the inner self as a healing source for your mind, body, spirit, and life in general. Healing is about more than just the physical self. Consequently, this type of meditation helps address healing in a holistic manner. This broad spectrum approach is the only way to bring all the various parts of you into a oneness which allows true healing of the whole person.

Healing meditation taps into the age-old energies of all meditative arts. The difference is that once you are centered and relaxed, all thoughts go toward the healing within you that needs to be accomplished. There many methods for doing this. One way is not better than the other. What matters is the method you use works for you.

Here are some foundational steps common to most healing meditation methods.

  • Quiet - prevent disturbances
  • Alone - prevent interruption
  • No electronics - turn off everything
  • Comfort - wear comfortable clothes; shoes are optional
  • Breathe - focused breathing
  • Relax - clear your mind
  • Focus - on healing

What Does This Look Like?

The way this might look is you go to a room where you are alone. If anyone else is around, tell them you don't want to be disturbed. After a while, they will understand that this is your time and you won't have to tell them. Be sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and sit quietly for a few moments. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus only on your breathing. Use this time as a cleansing and relaxing time.

Start Out Right

Continue to relax with each breath, clearing your mind of all invasions. Let it all go for just a few minutes. When thoughts creep in (and they will) acknowledge them and allow them to leave your consciousness. This is your time. Everything else can wait. You are in control. Spend a few minutes here, if time allows. These deep cleansing breaths will improve your ability to relax and focus. This is a critical step.


Next, you will focus your thoughts and energy into your healing. Whatever it is you are seeking to heal within yourself, see yourself improving. If you can't quite fathom total wellness yet, begin with small incremental steps. When there are doubts, acknowledge them and inform them you do not agree. You will be healed from whatever the infirmity is if you maintain a consistent belief with a passion.

Seeing Results

Healing meditation will not provide instantaneous results. In fact, it is the art of practicing repetitively, which strengthens your belief. This repetitive strengthening puts your subconscious mind to work for you. When this is practiced daily or even multiple times per day, negative thoughts of the subconscious are removed. Old patterns are replaced with new ones, and your positive affirmations help you form a new foundation where your illness or difficulty no longer exists.

This type of meditation is the art of being at one with yourself and in the present moment instead of in the past or future. You are no longer being controlled by your past experiences. Your negative thoughts are being removed, and this allows your new thought processes to take root and grow. Over time, you will see your body manifesting the exact processes you have been focusing on. Your quieting, belief, and centering will move you to a new state of health.

You might wonder if there are any other benefits to meditation as a component of your lifestyle. The answer is yes. There are many important benefits that can enhance your life immensely.

Reasons to Practice

There are many reasons to practice healing meditation. Actually, there is no reason not to practice it. Lack of time, which is the biggest reason for not doing things like this, is not a valid excuse. The minutes you spend in meditative practices are sure to return your time back to you twofold in decreased stress and anxiety, and better focus. There are other reasons to meditate, though. Understanding the benefits can help you realize just how wonderful this can be.

Physical Reasons for Practicing Meditation

Woman meditating facing the ocean

Any physical illness or anomaly can be helped through healing meditation. Some ailments may see better improvements than others, but all will improve. Also, the degree to which the healing occurs depends on your routine and engagement. The more you practice and live a meditative approach the stronger and faster you will see the benefits manifested in your life.

There is scientific evidence to support the effects of healing meditation on the body. Physiologic changes take place in regular practitioners. Examples include lowered blood pressure, decreased stress hormones in the blood, lowered blood sugar, and decreased heart rate and respirations. Improved immune reaction is also a benefit for many individuals.

The art of relaxing and calming oneself leads to these critical physical improvements. The effects of lowered vitals signs, lab values, and an improved immune system lead to healing processes and less future illness. For instance, chest pain (angina), some abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias), sleep problems, obesity, asthma, allergies, many types of pain plus many other ailments have been shown to improve with the practice of healing meditation.

Many of these improvements are directly related to improved vitals and labs. For example, relaxation and decreased anxiety mean that the body is releasing less of the stress hormone, cortisol. Decreased cortisol levels lead to less fat accumulation, lower blood sugar, and improved cardiac status. This is just one of many examples of what daily mediation can do for your health.

Why Not Practice Daily Healing Meditation?

Truly, there is no disease process that couldn't benefit from daily meditation practice. Stress is a major factor affecting the health of millions of people around the world. We don't seem to be able to remove it from our lives, so the alternative is to learn how to cope with it. Coping can happen in many ways. Some are healthy and some not so much.

Meditation is one of those healthy choices and will bring you improvement straight from the beginning. Also, the benefits will continue to last a lifetime, as long as you keep practicing. But, what about other aspects of health besides the physical?

Mental Health Reasons for Practicing Healing Meditation

Woman meditating inside a room

Mental, emotional, and behavioral issues can also be improved with healing meditation. Depression, anxiety, stress-related disorders, attention problems, anger issues, and more are often the result of too much stress. At a minimum, stress is a major compounding factor. Whether the stress comes from external factors or is self-imposed does not matter. The effects are the same.

Job and productivity loss, damage to self or to loved ones and friends are just a few of the costs associated with untreated or uncontrolled mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues. Healing or controlling these phenomena can lead to millions of dollars saved and a happier society.

The process for meditative healing for mental health is essentially the same as for physical health. The only difference is your healing focus will change. Instead of focusing on a physical attribute, you will see yourself as you want to be, emotionally or mentally. Whether that means happier, more in control, less sad or a combination of all these things, there's no reason not to try

Other Reasons for Meditative Healing

Aside from physical and mental health issues, there are other side benefits. Perhaps some these considerations could be called physical or mental, but they are so profound and widespread that they deserve to be called out on their own. Life events like divorce, death, loss of a job, money problems, lack of accomplishment, etc. can all benefit from healing.

Turning your undivided focus toward any event in your life can change the outcome. The practice of healing meditation should never be thought of as only applicable to the human body because it goes way beyond that. There are truly no limits to what can be accomplished and nothing that can't benefit from it.

Benefits of Practicing

The benefits of practicing healing meditation are nearly limitless. When trying to figure out the best way to explain how beneficial this can be, we approached the concept categorically. This can provide an easy reference for looking back and hopefully provides you a less confusing view of the profound benefits. All of this is available to all who will seek it in exchange for just a few minutes a day.

Physical Benefits

Meditation can improve any illness, whether acute or chronic. Remember, this doesn't mean an absolute cure of all things, but it does mean the healing of some and the improvement of others. For example, healing meditation can't cure genetic diseases, but it can improve the symptoms and likely the progression. Heart problems may not be fully cured just by meditation, but they too can be halted and improved through careful meditation.

For us to state directly that healing meditation cannot do something is not fair. Many famous people have believed and taught that whatever you believe with all of your being, you can achieve. That's what meditation guides you towards.

Early Benefits

Early benefits include lowered heart rate, blood pressure, and respirations. Cortisol levels may drop some early on but will drop further with increased practice. Happier mood, better sleep, improved relaxation, and self-confidence can all be achieved shortly into your consistent healing meditation practices. Once practitioners see and feel these changes in themselves, it feeds the passion for continued practice. It's like once you feel the empowerment, you want more. The continued practice will lead to longer term and even permanent benefits.

Later Benefits

Later benefits include permanently lowered vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respirations. Brighter, healthier looking skin will also be seen. Distinct personality changes will become obvious to anyone who knows you because you will hold your head a little higher, be much more relaxed, and roll with the punches of life without becoming panicked and distressed.

Health benefits such as those affecting the heart, skin, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and nervous systems will all change as your practice continues. Once meditation is a permanent part of your every day routine, your overall health will be significantly improved. Then, if something else comes up, you can turn your focused attention on that and improve that as well.

Other benefits that will manifest as time progresses will be improved weight loss or gain, as needed, and improved immune function with the ability to fight off illness. Just think about it this way: if you can think it, you can achieve it with meditation.


Healing meditation is one of the easiest methods known to mankind for harnessing the powers of self. Through the consistent practice of focused meditation, there is little that can't be accomplished. The benefits are limitless and within reach of anyone who becomes invested and engaged. Everything from physical healing to mental control is within your grasp.

It doesn't take that long. Just a few minutes a day and health, wealth, love, and success can be yours. Healing meditation can and will heal your life and body significantly if you only begin. Of course, you do have to stick with it, but once you see the benefits, we have little doubt you will do just that.


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