Are you trying to recover from a recent illness or injury? If so, then you are also probably looking at the quickest way to heal your body.

When hardships affect our body, we often get discouraged. However, recovery does not have to be the long road that we so often envision. You can positively impact the healing process in many ways.

There are always lifestyle changes like exercise and eating right, but there are also mental steps you can take to speed up the process. If you truly want to get yourself healthy, then you need to learn how to heal your body both physically and mentally. When you face an injury or illness, you can heal your body faster by taking care of yourself physically and keeping a positive frame of mind.

Heal Your Body Physically

When attempting to heal your body, it is best to first focus on the physical side of things. If you don’t make your body the priority, then you will never heal what ails you. The choices you make each day can make an impact on your overall health, and it all starts with how you sleep.


So much of your well being depends on how you sleep. Most people try to get “enough” sleep, but what you need to heal your body is to get the “right” sleep.

Everyone needs to be getting between eight to nine hours of sleep. Sleep is how we recharge our batteries. Getting enough sleep helps you to stay more focused during the day, it reduces stress, and most importantly, it helps you to heal and stay healthy.

People who get enough sleep get sick less often and have less of a risk for serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Sleeping is even known to heal wounds faster, and your immune system is more efficient when you get enough rest. Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest ways to heal your body.


During the day, you can also work to heal your body by engaging in proper exercise. Even 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week can do wonders. According to government studies, engaging in moderate exercise reduces your risk of many illnesses including heart disease, heart attacks, and cancer.


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The fact is that almost any form of exercise, from walking to weightlifting can help to rebuild muscle and bone, boost your immunity, and maximize your mental acuity. Plus, when you exercise, you feel better about yourself and optimism can do wonders to heal your body.

Keep your body pure

They often say “you are what you eat.” When it comes to being healthy and healing your ailments, it’s what you put in your body that can either heal your body or worsen your conditions.

Eat healthily

Being healthy means eating healthy. In general, you should avoid pre-packaged and processed foods. Instead, eat the natural stuff that nature provides. Supplement your diet with lots of fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains.

Mushrooms are essential for healing because they boost your immune system which helps to slow tumor growth and fight cancer.

Eating foods rich in calcium is key to healing broken bones. Getting enough protein aids your body in repairing damaged tissue. Meat and cooking oils can strengthen weakened cell membranes.

Eating grapefruit and oranges can give you ample deposits of vitamin C, which is known to strengthen wounds as they heal. Foods with zinc, including poultry and seafood aid in the production of collagen which is an essential ingredient in wound healing.

Stay hydrated

It is not only what you eat, but also what you drink. Water is the most important thing you can drink to heal your body. Unfortunately, even if you think you are drinking enough, you probably aren't.

Nutritionists suggest that an adequate amount of water is 15 cups for men and 12 cups for women each day. The reason is simple. Water makes up 60 percent of your body weight, so if you are not keeping that consistent, then you can never expect to heal.

Water is good for you because it is involved in just about every function of our body. Not drinking enough can hinder your bone and tissue regeneration, and negatively impact your immune system. It said that the lack of water also reduces the functions of our cells which need to be healthy to fight off illness.

Stay hydrated

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Lemon water

You can add some kick to your hydration by drinking lemon water. Adding a slice of lemon to your water not only keeps you hydrated, but it is a good source of Vitamin C. Lemon water has also been found to aid digestion and reduces your risk of constipation or kidney stones. Lemon water also alkalizes the body. This essentially means that as it passes through, it gets rid of any gunk that may be slowing efficient healing.

Heal Your Body Mentally

>Many people realize that treating our bodies right is essential for proper healing. However, most don't realize that it is not just our body that needs to be corrected, but also our mind. Having the right mindset can do wonders to heal your ailments and avoid future issues.

Understand that your life has meaning

The more significant of an injury or illness we face, the more we can feel that things will never get better. The fact is, the more negatively you think, the worse you will feel and the less opportunity you have to heal your body. Instead of dwelling on what is happening to you now, think about how you will feel tomorrow and beyond.

Realize that you are on this Earth for a reason. You don’t exist just to be in pain but for a greater purpose and once you get better you will go on to serve that purpose. If you have not found that purpose yet, then go find it. If your job does not give you a sense of meaning, then try some volunteer work. Sitting around, dwelling on your situation will not give you energy. Going out and living your life to the fullest provides a positive mind frame and partners with a healthy body to aid in healing.

Stay optimistic

While thinking about your purpose always helps, staying optimistic on a daily basis can help you to avoid sickness in the first place. Psychologists even believe that optimism helps to keep your immune system functioning at peak performance.

Harvard medical professionals have completed studies on the connection between optimism and health. In one study, they surveyed patients scheduled to undergo coronary artery bypass surgery regarding their level of optimism. Six months after the procedure, they discovered that optimists were only half as likely to face re-hospitalization as pessimists. They also found that optimism can help to avoid high blood pressure and heart disease.

Many psychologists also recommend staying optimistic when taking your medications or undergoing physical therapy. Sometimes, believing that a healing agent will help can increase your chances of recovery. This has been proven repeatedly in cases where patients take sugar pills instead of actual medication. When the patient believes that they possess a healing medication, they often see miraculous healing, even if they did not take a real treatment.

Remember to laugh

While you are focusing on a more optimistic outlook, don’t forget to laugh, as a few laughs a day could work to heal your body. Studies have shown that the actual physical function of laughing can heal your body and even help you to lose weight. It may seem like something out of the Robin Williams’ movie Patch Adams, but laughter can often be the best medicine.

Research shows that laughter can boost the immune system and decrease stress hormones, improving your chance of proper healing. Laughter can also improve blood flow, which can protect you against potential heart attacks. Some studies even show that laughter can lead to weight loss, with 15 minutes of snickering burning almost 40 calories.

Practice meditation

Meditation offers you a way of creating a buffer against the harmful effects of stress that can hamper your attempts to heal your body. It all goes back to having a clear mind and a positive outlook. Too much stress can lead to a handful of issues including increased depression, headaches, insomnia, and a weakened immune system.

Properly meditating for 5 to 10 minutes a day can do wonders to put your mind at ease. It gives you a chance to reflect on what troubles you and realize that a solution is not far away. Clear away that unneeded stress so your body can focus on healing.


Practicing yoga is a proven method of achieving a balance of physical improvement and a positive state of mind. While the most noted benefit of yoga is flexibility, the art also does wonders for your health. Yoga has been found to improve respiration as well as cardio and circulatory health and can lead to weight loss.


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Like meditation, practicing proven yoga routines can not only help to heal your body but can give you time to get your mind right and find that optimism that can lead you back to a healthy body and soul.

Heal Your Whole Self with Healthy Positivity

When it comes to working to heal your body, it is all about dedication and commitment. If you have the right mindset about your physical and mental well-being, then the fear of never healing can be removed and your recovery time will improve because of it.

Treat your body right, think positively about your health, and picture yourself being whole and happy again and recovery will be closer than you think.


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