Energy healers treat a variety of issues, from serious illnesses to quests for self-discovery. There are several forms of energy healing such as Reiki, yoga, meditation, intuitive counseling, and crystal healing. Although scientific explanations may be lacking as to whether energy healing is effective, several research studies have shown the benefits of energy healing on individuals' health and wellness.

What Is Energy Healing?

History of Energy Healing

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) introduced the concept of energy healing thousands of years ago. The ancients believed in the meridian system and the chakra vortexes. They believed energy fields make it easier to concentrate and sustain a positive attitude when they are unblocked. This encourages the body's natural healing process.

Energy Healers

Energy Healers believe this energy flow allows the body to heal itself naturally. Human beings consist of flesh, blood, and bones in their physical bodies. However, at the core humans are vibrating in electromagnetic waves. Thus, physical ailments, emotional stressors, and financial difficulties result from this energy being blocked.

Most people experience stress due to demanding, chaotic lifestyles. This results in bodily disruptions and can cause physical ailments such as insomnia and emotional disturbances. Both physical and emotional stressors hinder our own personal development. These blocks cause disturbances, which can cause major health problems.

As humans, we are responsible for both our energetic and physical bodies. With the support of energy healing, these energy points can be cleared. This facilitates expansion to our full potential and helps us live happier, healthier lives with renewed positivity and strength.

Benefits of Energy Healing

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Energy healing functions at a cellular level to create a balanced state naturally. It can help release pent up negative energy from memories, negative emotions and childhood wounds. It can also help relieve tension, facilitate the body's healing process, and give people a general sense of wellbeing. In addition, intuitive insights and messages initiated by the practitioner can expand your awareness and perception about the world around you. Benefits of energy healing include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Weight loss
  • Pain relief
  • Decreased anxiety

Methods of Energy Healing



Reiki manipulates and directs the body's energy through the guidance of a Reiki Practitioner. Practitioners remove energy blockages by using their own energy and directing it over an individual's energy field. Although Reiki can't cure illnesses or remove injuries, it helps facilitate optimal conditions for the body's own healing process.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner, using Reiki positions, places their hands on the individual with no pressure. The life force energy is identified as "Ki." Ki generates the healing flow through the Chakras in the palm's centers and in each fingertip. Reiki can also be directed through distance healing.

Reiki can be beneficial to humans, cats, dogs, horses, and other animals. Most animals are highly receptive to Reiki energy. However, sometimes they will reject the Reiki energy if they are passing over. If the Reiki healing isn't sufficient, it will help them transition without pain.

Reiki energy does not flow in a particular direction; the healer will be intuitively guided to change position. The Reiki practitioner will either lead the recipient through a visualization method or clarify what's occurring during the session. Sessions typically last an hour but can be extended as the energy sensations remain. A Reiki practitioner cannot assure that the receiver will be healed. However, many people claim the energy assists them to achieve health and wellness.


A woman doing yoga

The advantages of yoga are very similar to those of Reiki such as decreased stress, enhanced feelings of calm and improved positive outlook. There are many types of yoga and some are more focused on energy healing than others. Any form of yoga that addresses physical injury and pain or emotional stress and trauma is considered Yoga Therapy.

Kundalini yoga combines both spiritual and physical practices. This form of yoga includes physical movement, deep breathing exercises, meditation, and mantras. The aim of Kundalini yoga is to enhance physical vitality and improve awareness.

Intuitive Counseling


Intuitive counseling sessions allow individuals to gain a new perspective from a neutral observer. Sessions can help individuals gain clarity, energetic healing or clearing. People frequently keep old energy from the past that influences their current relationships and patterns. Intuitive counseling brings these blocks and old energy patterns to the surface, so the practitioner can clear them from your space.

During an energetic healing session, intuitive counselors work with powerful healing guides to help individuals clear their auras, charkas, and energetic bodies. An energetic healing session can help people feel supported during life's difficulties and major transitions.


Woman doing yoga meditation

Meditation relaxes you both mentally and physically, removes stress, and helps you achieve inner balance. Mediation's basic philosophy is to teach the mind to attain higher consciousness. This facilitates healing of the body, enriching the soul and finding spiritual awareness. There are millions of people who meditate to increase their personal joy, peacefulness, and healing.

Meditation helps the mind gain motivation, calm, and peace. Each body system also benefits because the mind plays an important role in the way our bodies function. For example, stress has a major impact on bodily systems, from high blood pressure to weight gain. Meditation improves health by balancing all the body's systems.

Crystal Healing

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The use of crystals can be found in history from biblical times to ancient Egypt. People have enjoyed quartz crystals for thousands of years and have used them as a metaphysical tool. In ancient civilizations, people used crystals to aid in death rituals. Ancient Egyptians used them in pyramids to entice spirits and light the way to the afterlife. In addition, crystal-infused water has been used for centuries in healing ceremonies and consumed for its healing capabilities.

Tibetan and Chinese people have long believed crystals are an expression of the elements such as wind, water, fire, earth, and metal. Feng Shui embodies Chi, also known as the positive life source energy. The inherent spiritual energy of crystals is used in Feng Shui to intensify and balance Chi's flow. Placing crystals in certain areas of the home encourages Chi to flow harmoniously.

Each crystal has a unique overall structure and properties besides a distinctive internal structure that affects how the stone resonates, the energy it attracts, and the way it dissipates negativity through repelling or absorbing it. The simplicity and transparency of crystals allow them to transmit and receive elemental energy. The healing properties of crystals are abundant. The unique properties of crystals create a specific frequency that provides them with their healing abilities.

Does It Really Work?

Many people understand the positive changes brought on by focusing on healing the body's energy. Modern day science and physics promote the belief that everything--grass, rocks, the human body, and all that lies between--is composed of energy.

Medical experts are also acknowledging the benefits of energy healing. A survey conducted in 2007 revealed that 800 hospitals in the United States have included Reiki in their practices. Additional research has also shown yoga's healing benefits and more Western clinicians are recommending this ancient practice.

Practitioners and Qualifications


Becoming a Reiki Master is a lengthy process that also requires a great deal of preparation. Reiki training begins with level one, then progresses to level two and then Advanced Reiki training. Before becoming a Reiki Master, individuals must also meditate and decide if Reiki Mastership is in harmony with their life purpose. It is important for students to find the right Reiki Master.


The yoga qualification process varies depending on the specific type of yoga a practitioner wishes to pursue. To become a certified yoga instructor at the most basic level requires 200 hours of coursework. Each school is unique, and many are self-paced, so the process can take anywhere from two weeks to six months.


There is no standard that exists for meditation practitioners, so it's important to do your research and find one that is certified through a reputable institution. Many online programs offer meditation certificates with very little training involved. However, there are structured programs available with specialized accreditations. The average length of training for these programs is around six months.

Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive counseling training varies from certificate programs to metaphysical degrees at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels. The length of training varies from six months for a certificate program to two years for a doctoral degree.

Crystal Healing

Accredited crystal healing certification programs range from three to six months. Program fees can vary from $250 to $2500. Like meditation certificates, there are some offered online with basic training and no accreditation.


The objective of energy healing is to realize and release all the hidden energy residing in the body at a cellular level that has been stuck there yearning to be released. Energy healers believe all health problems begin at an energetic level caused by stressors that block energy flow. There are several modalities of energy healing as discussed above. Levels of qualifications for practitioners vary, so it is important to do your research before finding a qualified energy healer.


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